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Basic integrations

Learn the key data flows necessary for an integration between Eloqua and a CRM system. What tables, what types of fields and which direction the data should flow are all covered, along with security considerations and more.

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Basic Integrations

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Basic Integrations

0:00 Hello welcome to 4Thought Marketing’s video on non-standard Eloqua integrations today we're going
0:08 to be talking about 4Bridge which is a tool which allows you to hook up Eloqua to
0:11 non-standard CRMs like NetSuite SalesLogix Sage CRM Sugar CRM Oracle Database Microsoft Sequel
0:18 Server databases and others 4Thought Marketing also does integrations for using
0:24 using Eloqua standard tools for Salesforce MSCRM and Oracle CRM but today our focus is on
0:30 4Bridge and connecting up non-standard CRM system the first we are going to talk about is the
0:34 flow of data and the basic flow of data as you can see on screen here is that
0:40 Eloqua information Eloqua leads are flowing to your CRM system you get the information
0:44 back from Eloqua there's a bunch of activities that can be created in the CRM for
0:49 your sales reps to follow up on and of course there’s the digital body language the web
0:52 site hits to email opens to form submissions the pay per click submissions and keywords a whole
0:57 bunch of stuff if we look at this from a data flow perspective we can see that
1:00 the top two arrows represent information basically regarding contacts
1:05 accounts and leads flowing bidirectional between the two systems staying in
1:10 synchronization we also move over how the Eloqua digital body language and
1:15 that flows into the CRM system typically some companies don't flow it into
1:19 their CRM system and they'll have us configure Eloqua’s prospect profiler which allows
1:23 sales reps to use that tool to directly look into Eloqua at the digital body language both options are available to you
1:29 under a basic integration and by the way this is a basic integration we are gonna
1:33 get to some of the advanced integration possibilities in a bit
1:36 lastly we flow campaigns over so you can attach and connect the campaigns that
1:41 generated the lead back to the
1:43 back to the actual source of it and to the opportunity the revenue that it generates 4Thought Marketing does more than basic integrations
1:53 advanced integrations are not only possible but for 4Thought Marketing they're routine we can move over opportunities we can move over products so you can do segmentations for cross sales up sales and orders
2:05 we can use both of those to do closed loop reporting closed reporting we've done strange things like hook up one Eloqua
2:11 to two CRM systems or two Eloqua’s to one CRM system and we've done situations where because of an
2:17 acquisition or because of the need to compartmentalize information
2:21 because of financial or hipaa regulation regulations we've had to keep data separate despite
2:26 integration within a within a CRM system and of course of course we've hooked up to Data
2:31 warehouses master data management systems analytics and ecommerce systems those are all advanced integration so they are not the
2:37 subject of today's conversations one of the things is very important to folks is
2:41 security today security reviews are standard for almost all of our integrations all of our products and of course everything we
2:50 move between Eloqua and your CRM system is via Secure Sockets Layer the
2:54 industry standard HTTPS the same thing you use for your banks in addition 4Bridge
2:59 stores none of your contact information there is no database to hack per se so there is a
3:07 big advantage from a security perspective in addition it's possible to
3:12 IP whitelist the connection between two systems this means that the only
3:17 connection that Eloqua will accept to connect to the integration is our Amazon 4Bridge servers and that eliminates what’s technically called a man in the middle attack
3:25 it's not only technology that's important to be secure for you though it's also
3:30 the human angle so all of our infrastructure vendors are SAS70/SSAE16
3:35 compliant and 4Thought Marketing has been vetted by some of the most secure
3:40 companies the world we have our two largest industry segments are financial
3:44 services and cyber security/infosec to both of those industries security is
3:50 absolutely critical companies like Visa corporation Optive White Hat bunch of
3:57 organizations that are focused on security are customers of 4Thought Marketing and
4:02 one of the reasons we're able to do that is we not only think of the technology perspective we think of the human side the human
4:07 perspective so from a human engineering perspective we have a bunch of
4:10 appropriate details security policies you can see those at Trust.4ThoughtMarketing.com in a lot more detail
4:18 so now let’s talk about the 4Bridge architecture there's three basic layers the API layer
4:22 the engine layer and the connector layer the first thing to understand is that everything in
4:26 4Bridge is data driven nothing is hard coded and difficult to change we have a full
4:30 alert capability which allows both you and us to know if there's a problem
4:34 if it's a data problem your guys can take care of it and if they don't will be
4:37 aware of it and give you a call we have a full drag-n-drop mapping capability
4:41 I'll actually demonstrate that to you in just a couple moments we have a scheduling
4:44 capability that can schedule us around other integrations or to occur in the middle of the
4:48 night and finally we have the connectors campaigns the leads this connects up
4:53 everything to the various areas of your system
4:55 opportunities for advanced integration and including custom tables and CDOs
4:59 Eloqua data objects for advanced integrations as well let's go ahead and
5:03 switch to the demonstration
5:08 so we are now in 4Bridge the actual program the actual user interface we're
5:13 looking at this of course within a browser as the full software system
5:16 there's three basic tabs you have to be aware of the jobs tab the
5:20 task tab and the scheduler tab the jobs tab is very simple it's where you have your credentials and
5:25 where you also specify whether things are going from Eloqua to your CRM system
5:28 or from your CRM system to Eloqua the next tab is the tasks tab in the tasks tab is where you specify
5:33 whether your gonna create contacts or update contacts or delete accounts or the
5:38 specific task as you're going to do and the thing about this tab and the tab
5:42 before in fact all of the tabs of the system are you don't have to worry about
5:45 those we set it all up as a function of the integration however you can also
5:49 come back and change it and improve it and enhance it because it's soft coded it's
5:52 not a hard-coded integration we have here a mapping capability and this
5:56 mapping capabilities extremely powerful basically it allows you to drag and drop
6:00 fields if your CRM if your
6:03 CMO comes to you and says hey I need a new field from the CRM system for
6:07 segmentation or if your VP of Sales says hey I need a new piece of information to come over for
6:12 marketing you can see you got the CRM field on the left you got the Eloqua fields
6:16 to the right and if you want to drag and drop some field just come over here
6:19 you grab the field that you wanna drag you move it over to exactly the right spot in this case
6:24 I'll drop it onto
6:25 good spot guess it really doesn't matter I'll just drop it right there and you can see it's just
6:32 mapped those two fields I can drag and drop more fields all your custom fields
6:36 show up automatically very simple to use the last tab here is the scheduling tab
6:41 this is where you can schedule what time it occurs how frequently it occurs there's
6:44 also a very powerful history capability complete history of every data
6:49 movement that has occurred all the transactions so you can go in and look at it and see exactly
6:53 what was missed and what moved and how successful it was and then lastly there
6:57 is a very powerful error reporting capability so that if there's ever an issue here you set
7:01 up a field in your CRM system to accept red-white-and-blue and you set up a form
7:06 in your Eloqua system to send over green and it bounces this will tell you what's
7:09 going on and really give you significant direction on how to fix the problem so
7:13 that's pretty much the end of the demonstration any questions call us at
7:16 4Thought Marketing we're happy to help

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