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Eloqua Custom Data Object Toolkit

There are many things that you might be able to do with Custom Data Objects that are not out of the box. 4Thought Marketing's CDO Toolkit will allow you to easily move data between CDOs and between CDOs and Contact Records. In adition, our CDO to CSV Cloud Connector enables you to filter on one or multiple fields in the CDO and then pull the data for further processing. It also allows you to automatically delete large quantities of CDO records.

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00:00 Hi I'm Tom Saichek from 4Thought marketing and I am here to talk to you about
00:04 a custom Data Object toolkit
00:16 as you know custom data objects or CDOs are very popular inside Oracle Eloqua
00:22 these are custom tables that you can build as many as you need no limit on the number of
00:26 fields with a number of records and you can associate CDOs to contact accounts
00:31 or they can even stand alone. Some of the ways that people use CDOs is to
00:36 track product information possibly track transactions from another system you
00:41 bring information into Eloqua you want to store the transactions
00:44 themselves in a CDO and we even have customers that have multiple leads for
00:49 one contact and that lead information stored on a CDO. There many things
00:54 however that you want to be able to do with the CDOs that are not easily
00:57 accessible right out of the box let me give you a couple examples in one case
01:02 you might want to filter the CDOs just for additional processing it might be
01:08 that you are a reply you want to find all the CDOs that reflect interest in
01:12 Product X we allow you to do that with our video to CSV cloud connector where we can
01:18 filter on one or multiple fields pull the data out of the CDO
01:23 file and then use that information for additional processing down the road
01:28 another example is you might want to be able to delete CDOs automatically in
01:34 out of the box you can delete them one at a time where you can delete the entire
01:37 file but you can't to lead a group of CDOs easily the 4Thought markings
01:43 CDOs to CSV cloud connector allows filtering on any field on the CDO or
01:48 even multiple fields on that CDO let's say for example you've got a large
01:53 quantity of CDOs and have gathered over the last three to five years and you
01:57 wanna archiving and remove the older records you can easily filter on day
02:03 archive that data and then delete this CDOs to make that file much more manageable
02:08 another example and probably the most popular is to manipulate the data
02:13 on the CDOs for example you stored data on a CDOs want to move that to a
02:19 contact record for additional processing on their contact we have
02:23 4Thought marketing CDO tool kit enables you to move data between CDOs from CDO to
02:30 contact record or from contact record to CDO pretty much any direction that you
02:35 want to move in a CDO we've got the solution for you
02:39 thank you much for your listening to the just the tip of the iceberg in terms of
02:43 our CDO toolkit we have many others available as well as we build many
02:47 custom CDO applications as well take a look at our other videos subscribe to
02:53 our channel if you have questions give us a call at 888- Eloqua4 or contact us at
02:58 info@4Thoughtmarketing.com thanks

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