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Oracle/Eloqua Custom Build Upload Wizard

The Custom Build Upload Wizard for Eloqua, allows you to let more people perform Eloqua uploads, without compromising or being concerned about data quality.

With this app, your data will be verified as clean, before it enters your Oracle Marketing Cloud database. Plus, you can tie the uploaded contacts to shared lists, campaigns, external activities and even CDOs!

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00:00 hi welcome to the video my name is Amanda Rivera and today I like to share
00:05 with you one of our most powerful apps and that is the custom build upload Wizard
00:20 there's a common challenge face especially by large organizations when dealing with list imports
00:24 as you probably know eloqua today when you do list imports
00:29 the validation that occurs is actually based on just having a valid
00:34 email format so that really gives you no control over the data that is going in
00:38 plus you may end up having "n" number of eloqua users and you don't want those resources
00:43 to spend their time trying to make sure that the data is clean and the number
00:48 three there might be occasions where you may want to run a series of tasks such
00:52 as uploading contacts associating those contacts to a marketing campaign or even
00:58 Associating them to a custom data object so all of those actually require three
01:03 different types of list imports however with this upload wizard all of that is
01:08 minimized to a single contact upload as you can see this is definitely a clean
01:13 solution and that is why we introduced the upload wizard to our customers with
01:18 this app you will be able to perform a clean contact upload you can also add
01:23 those contacts to new or existing shared list you can also associate these
01:29 contacts to marketing campaigns those being for example external marketing campaigns
01:34 such as trade shows or conferences you can also associate these contacts to custom
01:40 data objects and in general you'll be able to determine through this custom
01:45 app which validation you want to run so why other customers using this app well
01:50 the overall process is quite simple so that makes it very user-friendly it also
01:54 reduces the time that it takes for you and your colleagues to start cleaning up
01:59 the database before it actually makes it into Eloqua number three here it saves the
02:04 time because again you can do in a single upload three different types of
02:08 tasks and also with this app is not just restricted to a Eloqua users it could
02:14 actually be used by non eloqua users so how does it work well what we do with this app
02:21 is that it runs a validation against your data source that is your
02:24 Excel file or your CSV file and the nice thing about this is that you are the
02:28 one who makes the Decision
02:29 as to the validation that you need before the data makes it into your
02:33 marketing database here is just a few examples that our customers have used in
02:37 the past for example as you can see we do email validation we can also do state
02:42 and country phone number validation and you can also do required fields for
02:47 example let's say your company requires the company field to be in Eloqua so when you do
02:53 your list import whenever you we have a record who does not have a company then
02:58 that simply that record will not get created added to that you can also
03:03 include time stamps and static values so here's just a quick snapshot of what the
03:09 user interface looks like as you can see this is a four-step process and the
03:14 first process is picking a file so when you pick a file you can go ahead and
03:19 also decide which share list you want to added to or if you want to add it to a
03:23 completely new share lists step number two is the mapping so you on the left hand
03:29 side you have your source which is your Excel or your CSV file on the right we
03:34 have eloqua so you simply just have to identify which field should go where
03:41 number three is a review so here we're asking you to enter either your email or the
03:46 emails of those people who should be notified as soon as the upload is complete once you get to
03:52 number four your pretty much all done and as you can see this is a really really
03:56 easy process to follow really nice user interface and I'm sure you and your
04:00 company will benefit a lot from it
04:03 thank you very much for watching here are three more videos that you can go
04:06 ahead and take a look at and see you next time

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