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Oracle/Eloqua IP Warming

Every sender (IP address) of email has a reputation. Email server providers 'grade' senders based on email content, sending domains and now based on reputation of sending IP address. The overall process of IP warming consists on gradually improving your email deliverability through gained a reputation for your IP address. Our consultants will help you to create the email message, build your target audience, configure and launch a campaign and maintain an excellent sender score.

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00:00 hi welcome to this video my name is Amanda Rivera in here with 4Thought
00:04 marketing to talk to you about the importance of IP Warming
00:17 so what is IP warming well its first of all focused around as sender score
00:22 a sender score it's very similar to a credit score credit score is used by a
00:27 lot of financial institutions to determine a person's credit worthiness
00:30 so the higher your credit score the more chances you have of obtaining credit
00:35 cards loans mortgages similar to that with the sender score the higher your
00:40 sender score the more chances you have of your emails to make it to the inbox
00:45 we talked about the deliverability we have to remember one thing that is reputation
00:50 is key
00:51 think about it this way when your company's send out an email what's
00:54 actually occurring behind the scenes is that ISPs Internet service providers are
01:00 running a series of filters to determine your senders reputation so based on that
01:05 they will determine if your email will actually make it to the inbox or
01:08 unfortunately if you go to the span so the overall process of IP warming
01:14 consists of gradually improving your email deliverability through gained a
01:18 reputation for your IP why should you warm your IP well quite simple and
01:24 improve your overall brand and IP reputation with the good IP warming
01:29 process you're actually increasing the chances of making your emails go right
01:33 to the Inbox
01:34 and it also decreases the chances of making it into any sort of blacklist now
01:39 through all this process our consultants will help you understand how to monitor
01:43 your overall sender scored and that way you can make smarter decisions if you
01:48 ever run into any issues so how can you make sure you have a successful IP
01:53 warming campaign well there's two components that we have to remember
01:57 number one is you have to select a good audience and number two you have to
02:01 select a good message for that audience during this whole process our
02:05 consultants will help you identify both of these so regarding the audience here
02:11 you have to make sure you select people who have recently engage with your
02:14 company that is that you've recently sent them an email or that they've
02:18 raised a hand
02:20 added to that you want to make sure that the data is in good quality meaning you
02:24 don't want to have any unsubscribed any bouncebacks
02:27 the second component of this is your message in here you have to make sure
02:31 you select a clear message and that is the message for the audience that we
02:36 just picked so no sales messages has to be something that the person is actually
02:41 hoping to get or wanting to get and lastly here we have to keep your email
02:47 design very simple as well as your HTML does remember the focus of an IP warming
02:52 campaign is to make it to the inbox and also trying to avoid people marking your
02:57 emails as spam
02:58 during this IP warming process our consultants will help you in four main
03:02 areas number one we will help you create your email
03:06 number two will help you build your target audience
03:09 number three will build and launch a campaign and number four we will help you
03:19 of this IP warming process you'll end up with two main things number one is
03:23 sub-segments of cleansed contacts that is from the people you selected as your target
03:27 audience we would take out those who are unsubscribed or bounced and a number to
03:32 you would establish your sender score and remember this
03:36 a sender score is not static something that goes up and down depending on your email activity
03:40 so that's it for today thank you very much for watching
03:44 here's our contact information and remember we have a few more videos for
03:48 you to take a look at thank you very much and see you again

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