Oracle Eloqua Handling Multiple Emails to One Single Address
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Oracle Eloqua Handling Multiple Emails to One Single Address

Eloqua allows you to send the same email to different individuals based on their unique email address. However, sometimes email addresses are shared. 4Thought Marketing's multiple emails to one email address allows you to send the same email with different information to the same email address and send it over and over again until you've exhausted all the different unique information that you have.

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00:00 I am Tom Saichek from 4Thought marketing and today i am going to be talking to you about how
00:03 Oracle Eloqua handles multiple emails sent to one email address
00:18 so under normal Eloqua usage typically what happens is a user has one email
00:24 address and Oracle will send an email to that email address you might have many
00:29 people in a family and still each one of them will have one email address
00:32 and eloqua allows you to send that same email to different individuals based on
00:37 their unique email address
00:39 however sometimes email addresses are shared you might have situation where you
00:45 have multiple members of a family sharing one email address or you might have one
00:49 individual who has multiple sets of data that is being stored about that
00:53 individual and you need an email for each individual data record this data is
00:58 normally stored in a custom data object and eloqua uses field merges to send that
01:03 information from the custom data object through to the email that needs to be
01:08 sent out eloqua can't handle this with multiple custom data objects you still need to
01:14 send individual messages to everybody that email address
01:16 let me give you a couple examples for example in the business to consumer
01:20 world you might have a set of family of two or three people sharing an email
01:25 address you want to send the same email with different
01:28 information to each member of the family or you might have a situation where
01:32 there are multiple records for example an auto dealership where you want to
01:36 send multiple emails to one person with different information on each email
01:40 business to business has very similar situation where you have again multiple
01:46 people sharing an email address for example let me
01:50 give you a couple of real simple examples a cruise line has multiple
01:55 people on a booking maybe a family of four who has booked a cruise with one email
02:01 address the cruise I want to send those people different emails with the events
02:06 that they're going to be enjoying during the cruise the names are known
02:10 informations known but there's one email address they need to send four emails to
02:16 one email address hard to do under the
02:18 normal situation another scenario is in education you have family with 2 kids their
02:25 parents want to get information about the classes they are in or perhaps you have
02:30 an open house where you want to send information to each parent they're
02:34 sharing an email address
02:35 you need to get different information to them same email address and finally you
02:40 have a situation like an auto service station where the service station
02:45 wants to send information about either the same car or different cars to remind
02:50 people when to get an oil change when to rotate your tires when to get serviced
02:54 each of these situations we have one email address multiple sets of data and
02:59 you need to send that email over and over again 4Thought marketing's multiple
03:03 emails to one email address
03:05 handle this problem for you we can send the same email different information to
03:10 the same email address and it sends it over and over again until you've
03:14 exhausted all the different unique information that you have got from a
03:18 technical perspective all you need is your normal Oracle Eloqua system with
03:23 access to custom data objects we add in some 4Thought marketing cloud
03:26 connectors and we use out of the box field merge capabilities typical
03:31 implementation would take about two to four weeks in addition we have standard
03:34 reporting functionality out of Oracle insight so thank you very much for
03:40 listening if this is of interest to you
03:42 we have several other videos that might be of interest go ahead and subscribe to our
03:45 channel and we also do many many custom cloud applications give us a call thanks

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